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Roman Lakes

Accessing Roman Lakes by Vehicles:

From Marple Centre


If accessing the Roman Lakes by taxi or car please ensure you do not access via Marple Bridge or Mellor.

Our address is Roman Lakes, Lakes Road, Marple, SK6 7HB.

If using satnav, first go to Faywood Drive, Marple. You can then use our address/ postcode – SK6 7HB.

From Faywood Drive go down the steep hill of Lakes Road, with the Railway line to your right and woodland to your left. At the bottom of the hill cross over the stone bridge that crosses the river.

As the road curves round keep going straight (do not turn left) and you will come up to a T-junction in front of a large Georgian House. Turn right in front of the Georgian House. You will see the main lake, tea rooms etc on your left a little further along. Lakes road is long and bumpy but hopefully worth the journey!

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